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Serengeti Show Live is a wonderful opportunity for companies in different sectors to participate and promote their brand…and even make money.  We are very confident that Serengeti Show Live will go viral as we have the support of Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), Tanzania National Parks (Tanapa), Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA).

Shout out to Blink for Internet and Serengeti Watch who announced the release of the show via email campaign to thousands of wildlife lovers and supporters of the Serengeti National Park around the world.  CNN is on board to share the Serengeti Show Live story with their global audience.


Serengeti Show Live Partner Benefits

Marketing Opportunity for the Tourism industry and related services. If you are a Tour Operator, Hotel or Lodge owner, Airline or transport service, take advantage of this amazing opportunity to feature your brand in every episode of the show, so the wildlife lovers watching the show will know about your company and get in touch for new business when travel and tourism restarts after Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions.

Feature Your Brand

Who would benifit from featuring different products on the show.

Camping gear
Get in touch with us to feature your camping product during the show, whether it’s canvas tents, fridges, flashlights or flasks – get mentioned on the Serengeti Show Live.

Safari Equipment and Gear
Safari hats, shirts, shoes, binoculars or books are part of safari life. Let us share your gear with the Serengeti Show Live audience.

Video and photographic equipment
Every episode of the Serengeti Show Live features quality wildlife content and we use a lot of equipment.  If you sell cameras, lenses, stabilizers, tripods, sound recorders, phones, hard drives, microphones or computers, there is an opportunity to showcase your product.

Safari vehicles and parts
To produce the Serengeti Show Live, we use a reliable vehicle with working parts. There’s a great chance to prove the reliability of your vehicle in tough off-road conditions.  Get in touch.

Feature Your Product

We all know that production of new video content is impossible during theCovid-19 lockdown and travelling restriction. Wildlife, virtual safaris and natural spaces are dominating the online space during Covid-19 lockdown across the globe. But Wildlife and Travel Magazines are struggling to get a fresh content to keep subscribers interested.  We are the only people in the Serengeti who can provide video content . Get exclusive broadcasting rights of the Serengeti Show Live for your region.  You will receive the original high-definition quality episodes with your logo to broadcast or share with your distribution channels. This can be translated in your language. Engaged clients will boost your online traffic, enabling sales of advertising space and generate future business.  Contact us for broadcasting rights for the Serengeti Show Live.

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